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Health tracking AirPods 2 pop up on Bluetooth certification site

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Apple’s big iPad and Mac event has come and gone, with little to no mention of the highly anticipated AirPods 2 and AirPower wireless charging mat. The former has now showed up in two separate regulatory filings, indicating a launch isn’t too far away.

MySmartPrice has discovered a listing for the next-gen AirPods on the Bluetooth Special Interests Group (SIG) page. Two devices with the model number A2031 and A2032 received certification for Bluetooth 5.0 on November 1. This was just a few days ago, but there’s no way to know when Apple will actually release them.

AirPods 2: An Apple Watch In Disguise

When it does, there’s a strong chance the AirPods 2 will focus on health and wellness. At least, that’s according to new trademark filings in Hong Kong and Europe. The description talks about them being general wellness instruments for health and exercise which keep track of biometric data like calories burned, heart rate, and body movement.

This sounds like the second-gen AirPods will serve as a kind of health-tracking Apple Watch, only much smaller and living inside your ear canal. The company actually has patents which cover these new fitness features, fitting the wireless headphones with biometric sensors and noise cancellation skills.

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The AirPods 2 have also been rumored to include voice-activated Siri commands, so you can call on the artificial assistant hands-free. Apple may also be drumming up water resistance to add some extra protection from the rain. The company is probably working on a wireless charging case for the accessory as well.

That’s because the AirPower mat is supposed to fuel up an iPhone, an AirPods charging case, and an Apple Watch at the same time. Apple had promised to launch it in 2018, but the brand only has a few months left to do so.