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4 Health-Boosting Tech Investments

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Technology plays an increasingly influential role in the fields of medicine and healthcare, but it’s also changing the way we monitor and look after our own health.

Thanks to devices, apps, programs and innovative products, we have more information about health and well-being than ever. If you’re looking for ways to boost your physical and mental health, here are some incredible investments to consider.

Wearable Activity Trackers

The wearables market has exploded in the last decade. More than 50% of adults now own at least one wearable device. Activity trackers are beneficial because they encourage active lifestyles.

Depending on the make and model you have, you can access information, including the number of steps you’ve taken, the number of active minutes, the distance covered, your daily calorie burn and sleep statistics. Some devices will also measure your heart rate and calculate heart zones for training.

If you use an app linked to your device, you can usually access additional features, including period tracking, nutrition and hydration. Extras and in-app purchases include training sessions, fitness and nutrition plans and expert health advice.

Studies suggest that wearing an activity tracker or using a smartphone to monitor activity levels encourages people to move more. One study found that people who set targets walk more than one mile a day further than those who don’t use trackers.

Common goals include reaching a certain number of steps per day, for example, 10,000, or doing a set number of active minutes per day or week, for example, 30 per day or 150 per week. Regular exercise is proven to reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, some forms of cancer, dementia, osteoporosis and high blood pressure. Being active can also lower the risk of depression and anxiety and prevent stress.

Smart sleep

sleep-cycle-app A lack of sleep contributes to a raft of health problems, including increased susceptibility to stress and depression, high blood pressure, heart disease and poor immunity. It can also affect your mood and energy levels, as well as your performance at work or college. If you have trouble sleeping, there are various tech innovations to explore.

You can use a wearable device to help you to establish a sleep routine, which should help your body clock to adjust a set regimen. If you open your app, you’ll have access to sleep scores and information about the night before, including how many times you woke up, how deep your sleep was, how long you slept in total and how many times you were restless. Your device and smartphone will prompt you to wind down before bed to help you to get enough sleep.

Another way to improve sleep is to replace standard mattresses or old beds that have seen better days with smart beds. Smart beds are packed with features and design concepts that enhance sleep quality and comfort. If you have a smart mattress, you’ll benefit from high-quality materials, design elements that actively reduce the risk of pain and technology that improves sleep health.

Depending on the product you buy, you’ll be able to access an app that gives you information in real-time and a comprehensive sleep report. Smart beds also offer superior cooling technology and they reduce pressure on the parts of the body that are most susceptible to aches and pains.

Meditation Apps

apple watch meditation app Mental health is something we all have, but many of us still struggle to talk openly about how we feel. Life can get hectic, and sometimes, it’s hard to switch off and relax. Dealing with stress, rushing around and taking on multiple commitments can take its toll.

Meditation apps help to induce calm and relaxation, no matter where you are. We all have days where stress can get the better of us or we get home feeling overwhelmed or exhausted. If you use meditation apps, you can clear your mind, relax and forget about stressors. The beauty of using apps is that you can meditate wherever you are.

Whether you have 10 minutes between meetings, or you’re feeling frazzled after a busy day at work and you’ve got an hour before you go to bed, you can escape with the help of a guided session. You can choose from a diverse range of apps and episodes based on your requirements and preferences. Feeling calm can help you to lower the risk of stress, improve mental well-being and aid sleep.

Healthy Eating

women eating health food Healthy eating has an incredibly positive impact on physical and mental health. It’s not always easy to find the time or the energy to cook up a storm in the kitchen or follow complex eating plans. This is where technology comes in. If you’re looking to improve your diet, you can use devices and apps to help you enhance nutrition and lose or gain weight healthily.

Keeping a food diary is a simple way to analyze your diet and make improvements. You can use apps to track your calorie intake and record meals and snacks to highlight nutrient deficiencies and identify problem areas. You may find that you don’t get enough fiber, your iron intake is too low, or you eat too much sugar, for example.

Your app can help you make changes, such as cutting down sugar consumption, increasing your intake of whole grains, or adding more fruit and vegetables to your diet to hit the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals. You can also access healthy recipes through apps and even order ready-made meals or ingredients for cooking to your desk or door.

Technology has changed the way health professionals diagnose and treat diseases and conditions, but it’s also given individuals the opportunity to learn about and protect and improve their own health and well-being.

Investing in health-boosting tech can help people to achieve goals and lower the risk of mental and physical health issues. If you’re keen to take better care of your health, technology makes this easy and hassle-free. From wearable devices, app workouts and smart beds to healthy eating apps and tools to help you meditate and feel calm, there are all kinds of ways to nourish your body and mind.