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HD Series NVIDIA Graphic Cards to be unveiled by MSI at CeBIT 2007

MSI Logo with HDMI Graphic Cards MSI has announced that it will unveil new generations of NVIDIA’s graphic card products at CeBIT 2007.

In fact, the year 2007 is a very important year for all graphic card manufacturers mainly due to three reasons:

  • The announcement of Windows Vista
  • The coming of 3D gaming with DirectX10 support
  • The growing popularity of HF video
  • The arrival of DirectX10 games will surely make all hardcore gamers happy. MSI has developed several graphic cards that deploy the “DirectX10 ready GPU”. Besides, these graphic cards are embedded with Dual-Link DVI providing Hi-resolution displays of 2560 x 1600. Gamers will surely have the ultimate gaming experience due to this.

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    Nowadays, High Definition Copy Protocol (HDCP) has become really important, as next-generation video formats such as the Blu-Ray disc and the HD-DVD disc have to be played with HDCP algorithm.

    Besides, graphic cards with HDCP ROM can play High Definition video in SD resolution only. Since 2006, MSI has started to produce many graphic cards with HDCP and HDMI.

    Nowadays, a lot of people have started going in for notebook PCs instead of desktops due to their mobility and convenience. The 3D performance of a notebook has also become important as most users use their notebooks to play 3D games, process digital photos as well enable them to install Windows Vista operating system.

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