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HCL Star – TSP 700 Multilingual POS Printer launched for Retailers in Rural India

HCL Star – TSP700 multilingual printer

HCL Infosystems Ltd., India’s premier information enabling and ICT System Integration company, has announced the country’s very first multilingual printer dubbed ‘HCL Star – TSP700’. The new printer includes an in-built Unicode support several India languages such as English, Hindi, Marathi etc. It packs in Barcode, Label, Receipt and Ticket-printing functionality in a single product and has been specially developed to meet the needs of retailers in rural India.

Whilst speaking about the new product, Rajendra Kumar, Executive Vice President, HCL Infosystems stated, “With the increasing adoption of IT in the towns and villages of India, language applications have increasingly become the order of the day. With this new HCL printer, we have again delivered on our commitment to meet the requirements of our customers. The new HCL Star-TSP700 is designed to ensure that we leverage the language opportunity growing in the country. We also expect to add to our market share in the POS printer segment as HCL is the only POS printer manufacturer that offers a single station printer capable of printing barcodes, labels, tickets and receipts with built-in Unicode support. ”

As mentioned above, the new HCL STAR – TSP700 printers with Unicode standard, have the ability to print on media up to 150 GSM at 180 mm/second.

For printing receipts, the TSP700 printers can generate high quality mono or two color receipts at 180 mm/second or the equivalent of a meter of receipts in just 5.5 seconds.

For printing tickets, the new HCL printer re-writes the standards, with a footprint of just 147 x 213 mm. The TSP700 can print tickets up to 82.5 mm wide and 0.15mmthick/ 150 GSM at a rate of 180 mm/second with the added choice of partial or full cut-perfect for entrance tickets, product return tickets, transportation tickets, product return tickets, transportation ticketing inside or outside of Kiosks etc. with first column printing.

Labels too can be printed at 180 mm/second.

And finally, 2 dimensional barcodes can also be printed with the Star TSP700 printer.

Though the exact price is not mentioned in the press release, what’s known is that the latest HCL Star– TSP700 multilingual POS printer, which is exclusively designed for rural India, are available right away across the country via HCL’s widespread distribution and retail network.