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HBO Content to release on iTunes?

HBO, iTunes Logos It seems as though this year iTunes is concentrating on spreading its wings into video content. Rumors about an agreement to be signed between HBO and Apple for the former’s video content to be made available on iTunes, are spreading all over the internet.

Reportedly, HBO’s popular shows such as ‘The Sopranos’ and ‘The Wire’ may be added to the iTunes library soon. The shows are expected to be available only when they are released on DVD and not as soon as they are aired, say rumors.

Moreover, it is also speculated that these HBO shows will carry a higher price tag than the regular $1.99.

If Apple agrees to the higher rates, this will be the first time that it has agreed to sell TV shows at different prices.

However, neither Apple nor HBO has made any comment on the rumors. Thus, as of now the news remains unconfirmed.

Earlier Apple had announced to include movies on iTunes on the same day of the title’s release.

UPDATE: The latest update of this story can be found here.