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Have You Heard About Product Hunt’s Competitor In Blockchain?

rokkex Numerous businesses today face these 2 issues: lack of investment and lack of sources to find those investments.

ICO has already spoiled the idea of noble crowdfunding having spawned a lot of scammy projects which owners are now spending money somewhere in the Bahamas.

Still, people liked it! People enjoyed the idea that investing and supporting young talents was so easy and fast. Thus, the cryptocurrency industry had to evolve and create a healthy alternative to Initial Coin Offerings.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re happy to introduce you to STO and ​ROKKEX — the company planning to launch new projects as fireworks in the sky (meaning here, that everyone will enjoy those).

The Idea

We believe there is a need to explain ourselves and tell more about ROKKEX and why it can be considered as Product Hunt Competitor.

The idea is further:

1. A company starts a project and seeks investments. 2. ROKKEX issues security tokens and Prospectus if needed. 3. Investors buy/exchange security tokens on ROKKEX STO Platform. 4. The project is completed, and investors receive dividends.

Seems easy, right? But you have some questions, we guess.

But first, you need to know that ​STO​ gives rights and guarantees to the investors what differs this crowdfunding method from its counterparts ICO and IEO. At the same time, it’s more pleasant and less time-consuming than an IPO.
What is Security Token and Prospectus?

In simple terms, Security Tokens is a “share” of an underlying asset, such as a company, real estate or gold, based on a blockchain. A useful analogy is the purchase of Apple stocks, which makes you the owner of a small piece of Apple. Security Tokens is similar to that of Apple but capable of much more.

Security token allows investors trading and exchanging the tokens if needed, and at the same time giving the project owners the capital to develop, expand, rebrand, or grow their business.

Mind please, that ​Security Token​ is a legal, not technical, concept. They are any blockchain asset that complies with SEC standards for a securitized asset. The primary purpose or technology behind the token does not matter.

A Prospectus is a cousin of a security token. It’s a document that guarantees protection for investors against scams; it’s optional as long as the project follows specific rules and regulations.

Anything Else?

Oh yeah, quite forgot. Don’t want to sound as the adherents of some financial Pyramide but yes, ROKKEX is holding their own Security Token Offering to show how the scheme will work and … to raise funds to build the platform itself.

Don’t hurry to wave your hand and say “I knew!”, the team actually has a working product — a ​cryptocurrency exchange​ focused on cybersecurity, so every $100 invested are protected under the operations of the exchange platform.