LaCie Porsche Design P’9220 and P’9230 pull into hard drive market

LaCie Porsche Design P'9220

Everyone has already seen LaCie signing on names like Christofle, Starck and Poulton for adding a touch of glamour to their storage solutions. The latest to emerge from these quarters are the LaCie Porsche Design P’9220 and P’9230 hard drives. The first is a mobile drive, while the second is meant for use with desktops PCs.

Admittedly, neither can be called much of looker by anyone other than fans of minimalism. But the exteriors look quite sleek at any rate and there’s the fact that both use the USB 3.0 interface. Each of the drives has a shell constructed out of durable and scratch-resistant aluminum which is expected to offer some degree of heat regulation.

“For 20 years LaCie has introduced products that influence and fit right into our digital lives,” stated Dr. Juergen Gessler, CEO, Porsche Design Group. “Since 1972 the Porsche Design luxury brand embodies that philosophy in everything that we have created, bringing a sense of quality and luxury to every single Porsche Design product. We are pleased to introduce a product that resembles superior form and functionality.”

The LaCie Porsche Design line is bundled with the required software for installing the drives on PC or Mac. They arrive with backup software, eco mode for power savings, password protection and 10GB Wuala secure online storage. The mobile drive is offered in 500GB and 1TB capacities, while the other is extended in 1TB and 2TB versions.

The LaCie Porsche Design P’9220 and P’9230 are set to hit the company’s online portal as well as Amazon, B&H, BestBuy and Micro-Center amongst other retailers at upwards from $104.99. A 750GB version of the P’9220 will also be made available through Porsche Design Stores across the globe.