New SAS hard drives from WD for enterprise applications


Early this month, we saw WD sprucing up the storage space with the introduction of its Black Scorpio HDD in 750GB memory capacities. It’s time for enterprise applications to benefit from WD’s latest offerings. The company makes public its new WD S25 SAS and WD RE SAS drives for conventional enterprise markets.

The WD S25 SAS is a 2.5”, 10,000 RPM drive that boasts of the 6Gb/s interface. IT professionals are offered the drive in capacities of 450GB and 600GB. This efficient and reliable drive lineup is high on performance as well and should put a smile on the face of mission-critical server and storage system users.

“Meeting the demands of our customers and IT professionals in the enterprise market is the primary driver of our long-term commitment to SAS drives,” adds Darwin Kauffman, WD’s vice president of enterprise storage solutions. “Our focused strategy in the enterprise continues to ensure that customers who have rewarded WD with their preference of WD drives in other application segments receive the same outstanding values of quality, reliability, performance and availability with WD’s SAS drives. It is with that commitment that we are now able to meet a wider set of customer requirements.”

OEMs on the other hand can take advantage of the new WD RE SAS drives. In 3.5” form-factor, the drive operates at 7,200 RPM. It’s enhanced by the 6Gb/s interface and is delivered in massive 1TB and 2TB capacities. WD reveals these drives to augment the high-capacity data center storage needs. It should also expand the options available for SAN, NAS, DAS, networked surveillance systems and cloud storage.

Both these drives are shipping now, though there’s no information on their price.