MWC 2011: SanDisk Modular SSD housed in Acer’s new Iconia Tab

Acer Iconia SanDisk P4

There’s no denying that HDDs are still the most preferred data storage options for media hoarders. But the pace at which SDDs seem to be catching up too can’t really be ignored. At least SanDisk appears hopeful of this thought. A few days back, the company announced the incorporation of its modular SSD P4 mSATA in Acer’s new Iconia Tab Windows 7 tablet. High-performance in a mobile computing solution that not just looks slim and trim but is also efficient never really hurt anyone, did it?

Besides, Acer picking up the 32GB version of the SSD P4 module for its Iconia tablet, the module can also be used by OEMs to tailor ultra-thin notebooks and tablets. The module combines the capacity, size, speed and dependability required by a high-performing storage solution. Specifically, in Acer’s tablet, the SSD P4 accommodates itself within the sleek profile and low power consumption needs.

“The SanDisk SSD P4 is designed for thin, high-performance productivity tablets such as Acer’s Iconia Tab Windows 7 tablet,” mentioned Kevin Conley, senior vice president, solid state drives, SanDisk. “As the tablet and mobile markets converge, cost-effective modular SSD solutions from SanDisk allow OEMs to create high-quality products that are tailored to their customers’ needs.”

“The Iconia Tab Windows 7 tablet is designed for optimum versatility in an ultra-portable tablet form factor. The docking keyboard, optimal ergonomics with superior touch experience provides ease-of-use both on the go and at your desk,” commented David Lee, AVP, mobile computing business unit, Acer Inc. “The SanDisk SSD P4 module meets Acer’s tablet design requirements for stability, speedy access and low-power consumption for running seamless flows of pervasive mobile Internet applications.”

The memory module’s mSATA interface in a mini PCIe form factor is complemented by its rather compact tailoring. It weighs a little below 6gms and is just 30mm x 50.95mm x 3.4mm in size. Consuming about 0.18W of power on an average, the SSD should enhance the usability of the Acer Iconia Tab. Its enhanced system responsiveness is backed by the implementation of SanDisk’s AFM and nCache acceleration technology. With this technology, users can anticipate improved burst random write performance of 4KB up to 600 IOPS.

As for Acer’s latest Windows 7 tablet, it’s said to spruce up the consumer experience with the plethora of features it packs in. It’s easy to use and bundles in a user-friendly touchscreen along with a physical keyboard. A docking device that includes a complete chiclet keyboard and support for Wi-Fi and 3G connections is in here too. The tablet lights it up with a 10.1” Hi-Def tablet running on AMD’s improved platform.

The SanDisk SSD P4 can be availed of in a range of form factors and in capacities spanning between 4GB and 128GB.