Patriot Memory Javelin S4 Media Server unveiled

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There’s something now for multimedia buffs who’d love to share their content with each other for collectively enjoying stunning titles and newly released tracks. Patriot Memory has recently rolled out the latest Javelin S4 Media Server which takes care of users’ digital media storage needs. Designed with four drive bays which support 3.5” drives, this new media server can be customized according to users’ storage requirements.

A maximum of 12TB of storage capacity can be achieved when equipped with four 3TB SATA or SAS drives. Supporting RAID levels 0, 1, 5 and 10, this beauty supports a hot-spare drive for augmented storage efficiency. When performance or redundancy is needed, the Patriot Javelin can be optimized internally and supplementary hard drives can be added externally through the integrated eSATA and USB ports.

“Media servers are gaining popularity in households with multiple computers and streaming audio and video devices. With the popularity of digital music and video downloads, a central hub for all digital downloads is the perfect way to distribute media to multiple systems and devices over your home network and the Internet,” elucidated Les Henry, Vice President of Engineering, Patriot Memory. “We live in a connected world where it is vital to always have your data. With the Patriot Javelin, you can have access to your digital media anytime or anywhere and even share it with anyone.”

A personalized operating system charges the Patriot Javelin for premium media serving capabilities. Users can store all of their iTunes Store purchases in a single location with the device’s Apple iTunes server. Sporting PC, Mac and DLNA compatibility, the UPnP compatible product allows streaming to Logitech Squeezebox using the Squeezebox Server. Interestingly, the USB ports can be utilized to aid a print server’s duty as well. Touted to employ a blazing-fast gigabit network interface, this device simply connects to home networks at quicker speeds.

Not to slip by, a web browser interface enables users to stream audio, video and images from the Patriot Javelin to any Internet-connected device. This is done through a web browser of mobile phone application for Android and iOS devices. Mac users can use this server as a TimeMachine backup, while an integrated BitTorrent client can manage and download torrent files. Furthermore, enhanced multiple user management is also bundled in.

Users can expect the Patriot Javelin S4 Media Server to start shipping in February 2011.