Awesome Button USB device inputs random synonyms for the adjective

Awesome Button

Impulsive writers and bloggers who simply cannot curb down on liberal usage of the word ‘awesome’ when describing something that’s awesome can take a look here. Matt Richardson from Make has engineered a USB device dubbed Awesome Button, which inputs a random synonym for ‘awesome’ at the mere press of a button.

The Awesome Button is a basically a plug-and-play USB tool that types in an alternate synonym for the word ‘awesome’ each time it is employed. It is made using a Staples ‘easy’ button that costs around $6 and at the core of this innovative peripheral is a microcontroller dubbed Teensy USB.

It obviously goes without mentioning the fact that several lines of code were required to get it functioning. This device is touted to be able to work with almost all PCs with USB ports as well as across applications. However, hacking up the staple’s buzzer for implementing the aforementioned microcontroller seems a bit tiresome.

Those interested in developing similar custom USB human interface devices optimized for varied usage can visit the Make blog for checking out some useful tips.