Patriot comes in with Viper Xtreme portfolio of DDR3 modules

Viper Xtreme Module

The thirst of boosting the configuration of computing systems seems to have been quenched by Patriot’s Sector 7 edition to Viper II series. The company has now added a new lineup of storage solutions with its latest Viper Xtreme Series Extreme Performance DDR3 memory for further stability. Fabricated with an aluminum and copper heatshield, these peripherals attain augmented cooling and constancy.

These novel memory modules sport a native designed heatshield featuring a copper insert across DRAM chips, all in a slim profile. Up to 5 percent improvement in heat dissipation over aluminum based heatshields is said to be the result of the leveraged thermal performance offered by this exclusive design. The Viper Xtreme modules adhere to the qualification and screening process carried out on several high demanding motherboards, thereby rendering better reliability for overclocking. Aficionados who like customizing their computing machines can take full advantage of these consistent solutions.

“Patriot has been offering some of the fastest performance memory solutions in the world, and our Viper Xtreme series delivers a high-end solution with a custom heatshield built around a copper core to offer better cooling. Our in-house engineering expertise and knowledge of the enthusiast market has helped us push the boundaries and set the standard for DDR3 memory solutions,” shared Les Henry, VP of Engineering, Patriot. “With Viper Xtreme series modules showcase our expertise in developing and delivering performance solutions for the enthusiast market.”

The Patriot Viper Xtreme series is crafted in accordance to the Intel P55 platforms for dependability. The heat from the memory ICs is dispersed by using the heatshields which are manufactured with a booted aircraft-grade aluminum heat spreader and an inner copper strip. For additional speeds and densities, inclusion of tri-channel kits for use with the Intel X58 platform based systems will be followed soon.

The new Patriot Viper Xtreme series is available now in 4GB and 8GB DDR3 memory kits.