Kingston zaps onto US soil the DataTraveler 310 USB flash drive

DataTraveler 310Earlier this month, Kingston 4GB SDHC card will be bundled with zoomIt for SD cards from zoomMediaPlus. Now Kingston Digital is once again in the news as it launches a brand new USB flash drive dubbed as the DataTraveler 310 into stores in the United States. The latest offering is said to take the place of the 256GB DataTraveler 300 from the same company. This particular product released in July last year to regions like Asia/Pacific and Europe as well as Africa and Middle East.

The DataTraveler 310 provides users with Password Traveler software which lets them easily access and fashion a password-protected privacy zone. The secure area of the new Kingston USB flash drive comprises of up to 90% of the products capacity. It even doesn’t involve any administrator rights. When the device is currently in use, the protective cover can slide to the back of the device and after their done, the cap can be easily snapped back on.

“We saw an opportunity to push the capacity envelope for USB Flash drives in the marketplace. Customer feedback and our research determined that this is a great solution for designers, engineers and architects who have a need to easily store and transport large data files. For the enthusiast who wants easy access to their full media library, the DataTraveler 310 can store up to 365 CDs, 54 DVDs or 51,000 images. This device makes an entire collection of data easily portable,” commented Andrew Ewing, USB business manager, Kingston.

The portable device can be transported anywhere and can slip into a pocket of handbag. The flash drive from Kingston can store around 51,000 photos which are in standard JPEG at 10MP. It can also house 365 CDs which are approximately 700MB each and 54 DVDs which are around 4.7GB each. The DataTraveler 310 offers data transfer rates of 12MB/sec. write and 25MB/sec. read. Measuring at just 73.70mm x 22.20mm x 16.10mm, the latest product can be found in only a 256GB capacity. The operating and storage temperature of the portable device is 0°C to 60° C and -20°C to 85° C respectively.

The DataTraveler 310 USB flash drive whose part number is noted to be DT310/256GB can be acquired for $1,108.