Kingston unfurls new 16GB microSDHC Class 10 Card

Kingston 16GB Card Users are always on the prowl for an efficient yet reliable storage solution. Keeping such users’ demand in mind, Kingston has recently removed the cloak off an all-new 16GB microSDHC Class 10 card. The high-capacity card complies with the SD Association Specification 3.00 to meet Class 10 requirements.

The newly released storage solution offers a minimum data transfer rate of 10MB/sec and ships either as a standalone microSDHC card or with adapters. Emerging as a perfect choice for memory-hungry devices, the card ensures large capacity and unprecedented performance.

“With the new speed class, host devices such as high-definition cameras or the latest smartphones are being designed to optimize their write performance to take advantage of the more responsive memory card speeds,” explained Wendy Lecot, Flash card business manager, Kingston. “Now that the Class 10 card specification is five times faster than a Class 2 card, users will see swifter copying and transferring of photos, music, videos and e-books when using a multi-format card reader such as the Kingston Media Reader or MobileLiteG2 with a PC.”

Kingston has elevated its level of mobility and versatility with the addition of the SD adapter pack, and the SD and miniSD adapter pack. Inserting the card into the SD adapter transmogrifies it into a large-storage, speedy SDHC card that can be used to capture continuous images or videos in digital cameras.

The company has also added an adapter for other devices that quite intelligently actuate the miniSD form factor. Either adapter pack enables users to store all their important data on one card across multiple Class 10 device platforms. For additional reliability, the 16GB microSDHC Class 10 card is backed by a lifetime warranty and complete tech support. The pricing and availability details are yet to be revealed.