Hitachi trots out 5,400 rpm and 7,200 rpm Travelstar mobile hard drives

Travelstar 7K750 Hard Drive

Documentation and important data collection heavily relies on computing systems with businesses going paperless nowadays. Snoozing in with a safe and quick solution, Hitachi GST has now released its new 375GB/platter, 2.5-inch Travelstar hard drives – 5,400 rpm 5K750 and 7,200 rpm 7K750. Flaunting 750GB capacity, these 9.5mm two-disk designed devices come with high shock protection, low power and swift performance.

These Travelstar hard drives feature Advanced Format which enhances the physical sector size on hard drives from 512 bytes to 4096 bytes to efficiently utilize the storage surface area. IT managers, system integrators and OEMs can take advantage of the newer OS for impressive solutions using this amplified storage surface area. Compact in size with a 2.5-inch footprint, the Hitachi drives are specifically fabricated for use in blade servers, network routers and video surveillance systems.

“Our new Travelstar 5K750 and 7K750 offerings address the growing demand for high-capacity and low-power hard drives, which are at the heart of today’s notebooks, external storage devices, gaming consoles and other mobile computing applications. Couple this with our proven design platforms and broad 2.5-inch portfolio, and Hitachi GST continues to demonstrate its leadership in the 2.5-inch mobile hard drive market,” quoted Brendan Collins, Vice President of Product Marketing, Hitachi GST.

Tailored to achieve better reliability and cost per gigabyte, the latest Travelstar 5K750 portfolio boasts of an 8MB buffer and a Serial ATA 3Gb/s interface. Using 0.5W power when idle and 1.4W power during read and wire operations, it renders longer battery life in notebooks and other unplugged apps. This 5,400 rpm device lends non operating shock at 1000G/1ms for protection against bumps and robust handling.

Furthermore, the 7,200 rpm Travelstar 5K750 family proffers a 16MB buffer with a similar 3Gb/s SATA interface. Rapid media transfer rates are offered for multitasking with less power consumption at 1.8W read/write power specification. The Thermal Fly-height Control and the company’s TrueTrack technology for augmented reliability and to keep a track of accuracy are also bundled in. These eco-conscious devices utilize halogen-reduced components, thereby delivering a ‘greener’ performance.

The Travelstar 7K750 is created as a self-encrypting drive and meets the Trusted Computer Group Opal Storage Security specification. These self-encrypting devices encrypt data using guarded keys in real time for an unparalleled level of data protection. The device abridges and speeds up its re-deployment process, while users can delete the encryption key for to turn the data into unreadable.

Hitachi’s Travelstar 5K750 has begun shipping in volume and its Retail Hard Drive kits are anticipated to be available in November for $129.99. On the other side, this drive’s EA version will start shipping to OEMs for qualification by the end of the year. Moreover, the Travelstar 7K750 line, inclusive of EA versions and retail kits, is slated to be available in the first quarter of 2011.