G.Skill to enhance performance with 24GB DDR3 kit

G.Skill Memory Kit

There has been a growing demand for devices extending towering speeds and enhanced performance to suit high-end needs of professionals. Recognizing the requisitions, G.Skill has launched a series of 24GB triple channel memory kits. This pack would comprise six 4GB modules.

Earlier this month during Computex 2010, the company manifested 24GB of DDR3 at 2000MHz CL9. Carrying forward from this benchmark, the company has devised the 24GB triple channel memory kits to function at 1.65V. The modules would offer extreme frequency of 2000MHz and a latency of CL8. G.Skill claims that this would help to boost computing performance.

Dubbed to push another technically advanced boundary, the DDR3 kit has been designed to cater to extreme gamers and professional users. This offering from G.Skill has been crafted to attune with a range of motherboards. This includes motherboards created specifically for gaming, hardcore power users and severe workstations.

The availability and pricing details of 24GB triple channel memory kits have not been disclosed yet.