OCZ Technology unveils the Z-Drive R2 SSD Series

OCZ Z-Drive R2 SSD

Earlier in the day we had reported about OCZ Technology introducing the Vertex 2 and Agility 2 solid state drives. Now the company brings to the forefront another SSD series dubbed as the Z-Drive R2. OCZ reveals that the latest product is the second rendition of the original Z-Drive family.

The SSD is seen fashioned upon the current solution but still provides customers with a more enhanced performance and design flexibility. The solid state drives can hence boast of these innovative inclusions as it includes optimized NAND modules.

Consumers are also offered maximum bandwidth as the company does away with the SATA bottleneck and uses only the speed of the PCI-Express interface. Besides possessing the capability to boot, the SSD also features eight-way RAID 0 configuration and 8 PCI-E lanes. As compared to other solutions in the same category, the Z-Drive R2 brings to the table a better performance which is suitable for enterprise applications limited by HDD technology. There are interchangeable modules present within the product which take the place of the surface-mounted NAND.

Ryan Petersen, CEO of the OCZ Technology Group commented, “Our 4th generation PCIe SSD, the Z-Drive R2, tackles the performance challenges facing enterprise IT professionals head-on. The Z-Drive R2 is a total solution that delivers exceptional performance over a wide of range of applications due to its superior sequential performance, making it a winner in both high IOP and high-throughput environments. In addition, it is the only bootable and field serviceable PCIe SSD option on the market today, and due to an innovative interchangeable module design, it enables low cost field upgradability and capacity increases giving storage architects unprecedented flexibility.”

The new SSD series from OCZ Technology offers its users a much wider productivity range of applications which include caching, virtualization and high-end storage. Customers are also spoilt for choice as the company offers them the SSD in different capacities of 256GB to 2TB. It is also observed to be a great replacement for power-consuming hard drive arrays. Besides houses many innovative features, the R2 series also provides many customization options as well as fast transfer rates up to 1.4GB/s.

No word yet on the exact pricing and availability details of the OCZ Technology Z-Drive R2 SSD Series.

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