New Intel Atom processor platform all set to push Intel for smartphones and tablets

Intel Atom Processor Platform

The environment is probably one of the many important things playing on the minds of technology manufacturers. Intel too ideates along these lines with its new Atom Processor platform formerly known as ‘Moorestown’. The platform appears to take advantage of the company’s power-saving architecture along with transistor and circuit design expertise and distinct manufacturing process techniques.

Finding its roots on Intel’s superior silicon technology and manufacturing capabilities, the new chips offer more than 50x platform idle power reduction. While augmenting performance and lowering the form factor, users can look forward to an experience that’s very close to a PC on their smartphones and tablets. This includes speedy Internet multi-tasking, full 1080p video, 3-D graphics, multi-point video conferencing and voice in designs that are easily pocketable.

Based on the company’s new 45nm low-power process, it packs 140 million transistors into the SoC. The platform is inclusive of a Controller Hub (MP20) and a dedicated Mixed Signal IC. The highly integrated platform is also said to be enabled for scaling an array of operating systems and markets ranging from high-end smartphones and tablets to other handheld devices.

Offering considerably lowered power consumption, the technology package should allure users with its typical Intel inclusions. This includes advanced performance suiting Internet applications, choice of software, and capabilities to easily multitask. This new platform comprises of the Intel Atom processor Z6xx series family formerly ‘Lincroft’ system-on-chip (SoC), the Intel Platform Controller Hub MP20 formerly ‘Langwell’ as well as a dedicated Mixed Signal IC (MSIC) formerly ‘Briertown’.

“Intel has delivered its first product that is opening the door for Intel Architecture [IA] in the smartphone market segment,” mentioned Anand Chandrasekher, Intel senior vice president and general manager of the Ultra Mobility Group. “Through ‘Moorestown’, Intel is scaling the benefits of IA while significantly reducing the power, cost and footprint to better address handheld market segments. As a result of our efforts, the Intel Atom processor is pushing the boundaries of higher performance at significantly lower power to show what’s possible as handheld devices become small, powerful mobile computers.”

The Intel Atom Processor Z6xx blends the 45nm Intel Atom processor core with 3-D graphics, video encode and decode. It also allows memory and display controllers into a single SoC design. As for the included MP20 Platform Controller Hub, it buttresses a range of system-level functions and I/O blocks. Moreover, a dedicated MSIC incorporates power delivery and battery charging while efficiently consolidating a host of analog and digital components.

Together, these new chips should offer significantly lower power which involves more than 50x reduction in idle power, 20x reduction in audio power, and 2-3x reductions across browsing and video settings when pitted against Intel’s earlier products. But just what would these power reductions translate to would be a question bothering many. Intel reveals that users could essentially enjoy more 10 days of standby, up to 2 days of audio playback and 4-5 hours of browsing and video battery life.

Additionally users could anticipate a much higher compute performance nearly 1.5-3x times more, a 2-4x richer graphics, more than 4x higher JavaScript performance and abutment for full HD 1080p high-profile video decoding along with 720p HD video recording. The SoC integrates innovative ultra-low-power states and is built on the C6 state in the original Intel Atom processor fabrication.

With support for up to 1.5GHz for high-end smartphones and up to 1.9GHz for tablets and other handheld designs, the chips are also enabled for Wi-Fi, 3G/HSPA, and WiMAX. A range of operation systems including Android, Meego and Moblin are also compatible to the platform.

The Intel Atom Processor Z6xx Series Family, Intel Platform Controller Hub MP20 and the dedicated Mixed Signal IC can be acquired now.