Intel reveals Canoe Lake netbook, outlines product plans for Atom processor line-up

Intel Canoe Lake

Intel does know how to pull off a good show at any major event, just take a look into the company’s presence at the Computex 2010. An extremely slim netbook dubbed Canoe Lake, the future SoC Atom-based ‘Tunnel Creek’ and new additions to the Atom processor family were revealed by Intel at the IT event.

The newly unveiled Canoe Lake boasts of a 14mm slim profile which is touted to be significantly thinner than netbooks currently available in the market. It comes powered by Intel’s very own upcoming mobile dual-core Pine Trail processor. The company also demonstrated cross-devices experiences based on the MeeGO, Windows and Google OS at the event.

“Intel believes the strength of the Atom franchise can help consumers realize the true potential for a common experience to enable the compute continuum,” stated David Perlmutter, executive vice president and co-general manager, Intel Architecture Group. “With platforms ranging from compact and portable netbooks, to Smart TV experiences and innovative tablets designs, Intel Architecture is driving innovative products based on a unique ‘port of choice’ software strategy.”

The company’s Core processors that implement Intel microarchitecture codenamed ‘Sandy Bridge’ are expected to be mass produced in the latter half of this year. The Oak Trail processor which is anticipated to be launched in 2011 is crafted for small form factor tablets and netbooks. It is cited to offer around 50% reduction in energy consumption and full HD playback.

“Acer will be ready with MeeGo-based mobile devices,” remarked Acer’s CEO Gianfranco Lanci. “MeeGo’s open software platform will present our customers with another choice of a friendly, easy-to-use operating system. We are pleased to collaborate with Intel in our continuous drive to provide effortless technologies that empower people at work, home – anytime, anywhere.”

‘Tunnel Creek’ is designed to enables other companies to connect their custom silicon to Intel SoC. Acer plans to manufacture Intel Atom-based netbooks and tablets running MeeGo software in future. Asus will introduce netbooks that come with a pre-installed and customized AppUp client named ‘asus app store’ this fall. Intel has also collaborated with Sony, Google and Logitech to proffer Smart TVs running Google TV and powered by Intel Atom CE products.

Intel’s processor and MeeGo software deal with Chinese car manufacturer HawTai Automobile will open the portals to an in-vehicle-infotainmnet platform courtesy of Intel processors. The mobile dual-core Intel Atom processors N455 and N475 with DDR3 support for netbooks are currently available in the market, while the D525 and D425 for entry-level desktop PCs are slated for launch on June 21 this month.