Intel Larrabee processor to be included into the next Nintendo gaming system?

Intel Nintendo logosThere has been many a news article or rumor doing its rounds in the gaming world these days. Among them is a new revelation disclosed by technology writer Hiroshige Goto in Impress Watch. As andriasang reports, the forthcoming gaming system fashioned by Nintendo may just include the new graphic processor dubbed as Larrabee. This latest product is the brainchild of the Intel company.

Hiroshige Goto reveals that the company is in talks with Nintendo to persuade them to use the Larrabee graphics processor in their next system. He also fathomed that according to the timing of the talks, the chip is expected to hit a true next generation system by Nintendo and not the Wii HD. This is because the Wii HD is slated for a 2010 release if rumors are to be believed.

As of now, Goto only gives gamers this bit of information regarding the inclusion of the chip into the Wii successor. He however does state that Nintendo’s more conservative outlook may clash with the integration of Larrabee into the gaming system. It seems that the company may face problems such as power consumption and architecture compatibility costs.

It seems like only time will tell if Nintendo would really use the Intel Larrabee processor in their next console.