ZeroBasic to roll in special edition Mini Cooper USBs

ZeroBasic Mini Cooper USB

Car aficionados will know that it’s been fifty years since the British Motor Council launched the Mini Cooper. ZeroBasic has promised a special edition of the Mini Cooper USBs to celebrate the car’s fiftieth birthday.

The Mini Cooper USB is licensed to sport a car chassis that is a perfect replication of its namesake. The drive’s exterior is finely detailed with transparent windows, illuminating headlights and rotatable wheels. A retractable USB plug is fits neatly into the trunk and the headlights light up when it is attached to a computer port.

ZeroBasic’s special edition pieces will have the union jack and ‘50’ painted on the body and roof, respectively. They will be offered up in memory capacities of 2GB to 8GB. What car enthusiasts may consider to be a bad move is the fact that only 2000 of these USBs will be manufactured.

ZeroBasic has not revealed the price tagged to these celebratory USBs as yet, though October, 2009 has been announced as their release month.