Gigabyte adds more models to its 2oz Copper PCB motherboard family

Gigabyte 2oz Copper PCB motherboard

Gigabyte recently extended its 2oz copper PCB motherboard range with new models that are packed with the Ultra Durable 3 technology. Designed to offer lower motherboard temperatures, the company’s latest additions include a series of models for both the Intel and Atom platforms.

Gigabyte’s initial offerings in the 2oz copper PCB range were limited to only the Intel P45 and P43 chipset. The company now introduces 2oz copper PCBs in the Intel X58, P45, P43, AMD 790FX, 790X, 790GX, 780G, 770 and NVIDIA nForce 720D chipset motherboards.

Gigabyte classifies its 2oz copper PCB motherboards as the Ultra Durable 3 and the Ultra Durable 3 Classis series. The major advantage of the Gigabyte 2oz PCBs is the significantly lowered system temperature. The models also deliver enhanced energy efficiency along with improved system stability even under heavy workloads.

In addition to this, the 2oz Copper PCB motherboard family also offers native support for the DDR3 2200+ and DDR2 memory up to 1366+ MHz. this feature allows the system to attain higher memory frequency at a much lower voltage. This consequently reduces power consumption.

With a 2X lowered impedance, the PCBs also control EMI emission thanks to the PCB circuit layout. Equipped with 2 ounces of copper for the Ground layer, the motherboards also provide better ESD protection.

There is no word on the price or availability of the new 2oz Copper PCB motherboard range.