Combimouse: Fusion of keyboard and mouse


Here’s an innovative device that may help save some space on a cluttered desk. According to Slashgear, the Combimouse is a keyboard whose right side is turned into a mouse.

This ergonomic keyboard sports a different look, quite different from the standard keyboard.

This device combines a keyboard and a mouse. While using it in the mouse mode, I, O, J, K, L and < keys turn into mouse buttons. The scroll-wheeel is located on the left part of the keyboard. Reportedly, the inventor of the Combimouse helps simplify usual computing, spreadsheet data entry and FPS gaming. Furthermore, the right side of the mouse part can also be used with a laptop keyboard. Well, the keyboard also comes with multimedia keys and numeric keypad that can be accessed using the num-lock key. The Combimouse isn’t available for purchase; rather it invites hardware and manufacturing partners. However, we hope this innovative, space saving peripheral makes its way to the markets.