Logitech rolls out Wireless Desktop MK250 keyboard-mouse combo

Logitech Wireless MK250

Innovation seems to be the name of the game as far as technological devices are concerned. Joining this foray of inventive devices is the most recent offering from Logitech. The company unveiled its latest Wireless Desktop MK250 keyboard-mouse combination that should allow users to work conveniently.

Fabricated specifically with advanced consumer needs in mind, this latest Logitech creation offers to simplify tasks. Sporting a distinctly compact form factor, the product is loaded with enhanced functionalities. Deploying the 2.4GHz wireless technology, the innovative device allows users to take advantage of its capabilities from as far as 10m. Bundled with long-range wireless capability, users are assured of a connection that is practically free from dropouts and interruption.

“The Logitech Wireless MK250 is the latest innovation from Logitech which is designed specifically to keep pace with the growing demand for unwired technological innovations. The MK 250 makes a perfect companion for office and personal use with its smart power management options,” mentioned Subrotah Biswas, Country Manager- India & SAARC, Logitech.

The novel keyboard-mouse also offers a longer battery life with up to six months of battery life for the mouse and 15 months for the keyboard. Efficient power management options are provided by the device’s battery life indicator light. Thanks to the design, the keyboard-mouse combo is additionally comfortable to use. While the flat keyboard gives a natural typing feel, the contoured mouse sits perfectly in the hand.

Minus any hassles of software installation or any needs for configuration, the keyboard and mouse can be used instantly. A mini USB receiver in the device should permit users to just plug in the mini-receiver.

Backed by a three-year replacement warranty, the Logitech Wireless Desktop MK250 keyboard-mouse can be purchased for an approximate price of Rs. 1,845 through leading IT stores across the country.