SimTrix displays Swiftpoint Slider, TriPed Mice at CeBIT 2008

Simtrix Swiftpoint Slider, TriPed Mice

Simtrix, a New Zealand-based company that designs and manufactures accessories for PDAs and other handheld devices has now showcased the strangest looking mouse designs that we have ever come across. Dubbed the TriPed and Slider, these mice are additions to the Swiftpoint series and were even on display at the ongoing CeBIT 2008.

The TriPed is a very different kind of mouse as it combines the functionality not only of a mouse, but also a touchpad and digitizer pen. First off, you will not be required to place your hand on it, just like you would with a regular computer mouse. The TriPed mouse has been designed to be held like a pen.

Targeted mainly at tablet PC and desktop PC users, the TriPed mouse is portable and very effective in specialized drawing and writing applications.

The SwiftPoint TriPed mouse works exceptionally well with newer technologies suchas the Digital Ink feature offered by Windows Vista. This feature allows for direct writing and drawing by the user. However, it requires them to use a digitizer pen as well.

The second SwiftPoint mouse showcased by Simtrix at CeBIT 2008 is called the Slider and requires being slide over a keyboard. This is where it gets its name from and will especially useful to those who use their laptop on-the-go.

The SwiftPoint Slider mouse is very compact. It also does away with the need for extra desktop space. Once the mouse is slid over the keyboard, the entire keyboard becomes the mousepad.

According to Simtrix, this may reduce the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).

As of now, there is not word on the price and availability of the TriPed or Slider mice.