ViewSonic integrates Intelligent DCR Technology in upcoming LCD Monitors

ViewSonic logo ViewSonic, a global provider of visual display products has announced that it will be incorporating a new and innovative technology in upcoming LCD models. The new technology called DCR (dynamic contrast ratio) will be seen in forthcoming ViewSonic models like VA1716w, VA2216w and VA2226w.

The new DCR technology enhances LCD contrast ratio up to 2000:1. What’s more, this innovative technology is able to automatically detect the image signal and intelligently controls the backlight brightness to make the color black appear blacker in a dark scene. Obviously, it also makes the color white seem whiter in a bright environment.

ViewSonic’s DCR technology is also able to automatically adjust gray level and enhance the gray level performance range.

So, when there is a need to display a dark image, the DCR technology under powers the backlight lamp, but at the same time it proportionately amplifies the transmission thought the LCD panel. This allows one to realize the potential static contrast ratio of the LCD panel in dark scenes.

From the above advantages of DCR technology, one can conclude that its primary advantage is to intelligently control the LCD panel’s backlights.

The only drawback of the DCR technology is that if a dark scene does happen to contain small areas of very bright light, they may be sacrificed and blown out.

Another advantage of the DCR technology is power saving. Due to DCR technology, it can automatically detect the image source to adjust the LCD panel backlight. Thus, the backlight power consumption differs from the backlight usage.

In conventional LCDs, the backlight is always on as there is no presence of such DCR technology. But now, due to the integration of DCR technology, the voltage of LCDs is flexible based on the contrast ratio.

Yet another benefit of DCR technology is that it can enrich image scale levels, providing users with superior color performance when viewing video or gaming content. This technology could also be useful in professional settings such as graphic design and multimedia editing.

Mr. Gautam Ghosh, Country Manager India, ViewSonic Technologies said “Managing the contrast of any screen is a real concern with the LCDs as it affects the visual capacity of the product. Being a leading provider of visual display products, we have introduced innovative DCR technology in our products which provide end users with a rich viewing experience while maintaining picture quality and color performance. ”