Leadtek Quadro FX 370/570, FX 1700 and NVS 290 Graphics Cards available at Rashi Peripherals

Leadtek Quadro FX 370 Graphic Card Today, Rashi Peripherals, one of India’s leading IT distributors announced four new members of the Leadtek Quadro family of graphic cards. They are the entry-level FX 370 and FX 570, the mid-range FX 1700 and the NVS 290.

Mr. Kapal Pansari, Head- New Business Development, Rashi Peripherals introduced this new series saying, “The latest NVIDIA Quadro architecture takes application performance to new levels by featuring the industry’s first unified architecture. Designed to dynamically allocate geometry, shading, pixel, and compute processing power, the latest Quadro graphics boards deliver optimized Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) performance.”

The GPU pipeline of the new Quadro graphic cards has been further enhanced by fast 3D and large texture transfers, crossbar memory architecture, enabling occlusion culling, lossless depth Z-buffer and color compression.

Also, the Quadro FX 370, FX 570, FX 1700 and NVS 290 graphics cards from Leadtek are the reference standard for Shader Model 4.0 and next-generation operating systems that enable breakthrough ultra-realistic, real-time visualization applications.

The Leadtek Quadro entry-level graphics cards FX 370 and FX 570 deliver unmatched value with their 256MB frame buffer. Plus, they are Microsoft Vista-ready boards. These two graphics cards feature a revolutionary unified architecture, dynamically allocating geometry, shading, pixel and compute processing power to deliver optimized GPU performance while consuming less power.

The NVIDUA Quadro NVS 290 dual-display business graphics solution delivers a reliable platform for a stable environment. It also features optimized GPU performance and is also built for Microsoft Vista Premium.

The Quadro NVS 290 graphics card uses NVIDIA nView display technology. Thus, business professionals are able to leverage advanced display features.

All Leadtek’s Quadro graphics cards including the FX 370, FX 570, FX 1700 and the NVS 290 come with a 3 year warranty. They will be available at all the 53 branches of Rashi Peripherals.