Samsung SyncMaster DX Series – the New Digital Signage and Information Displays unveiled

Samsung logo Electronics company Samsung has announced the SyncMaster DX series, which is an entire new range of 40″, 46″, 57″ and 82″ LCD displays. Samsung unveiled the products at Infocomm 2007 in Anaheim, C.A.

Speaking at the launch, Ajay Sharma, Product Marketing Manager, Professional AV Products, Samsung Electronics America, Inc. said, “As digital signage continues to thrive, Samsung is constantly striving to deliver reliable, high-performance solutions that serve the growing AV market.” Adding, “By combining superior image technology with the durability of Samsung’s DID panel, Samsung has delivered an outstanding solution for even the most demanding commercial applications.”

Samsung’s latest displays incorporate a 3000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, ultra-high brightness levels (700 cd/m2 for the 400DX and 460DX, 600 cd/m2 for the 570DX) and 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution, enabling the DX series to deliver clear, precise imagery in even the brightest of environments. Furthermore, they also feature a 178/178-degree viewing angle achieved via Samsung’s proprietary Super Patterned Vertical Alignment (S-PVA) for an improved user viewing experience.

To give your eyes the best ever image quality, the series of large format displays feature the third-generation of Samsung’s DNIe PRO image enhancement technology, which make possible natural colors, richer contrast and finer details. Better performance of motion video, clearer images and a more natural image response can be further attained thanks to displays’ fast 8ms (GTG) response time.

The DX series includes the latest Digital Information Display (DID) panel developed to lower the temperature of the displays, the DX series can support even the most rigorous of commercial applications. Thus enabling the Samsung series to deliver outstanding reliability for high-usage digital signage applications, including airports, retail locations and board rooms. The DID panel ultimately extends the life of the displays thanks to its built-in fans that helps keeping the temperatures low.

In the series of technologies it incorporates there’s yet one more. Samsung’s proprietary pivot technology enables the displays to be mounted in landscape or portrait orientation, thus making it possible for images and information to be communicated in their ideal layout.

Its ultra-thin bezel is further equipped to deliver high-quality imagery. By decreasing the bezel size of the 400DX and the 460DX to just 0.79″, these models allow for the image to be at the forefront of the display, while the bezel remains largely unnoticed.

If you want to purchase the SyncMaster 570DX, you can do so by getting in touch with Samsung resellers and distribution channels at 1-800-SAMSUNG or could perhaps go to the company’s official website The 400DX and the 460DX will be available in August through Samsung resellers and distribution channels. No info on the price yet.