Moser Baer India develops High Speed 8x Blu-ray Disc

Moser Baer logo Optical and magnetic storage manufacturer Moser Baer India has developed the world’s first high speed 8x Blu-ray disc (BDR), which is a major advance in next generation optical media formats. The 8x Blu-ray disc (BDR) technology has been jointly developed with newly acquired OM&T, the former R&D subsidiary of Philips.

With the latest development, end users will be able to have a faster media that can record a 2-hour transmission equivalent of HD (High Definition) quality data in less than 15 minutes. The next generation formats have a capacity ranging from 15 GB to 50 GB and offer over five to ten times the data storage capacity of standard DVD media. These next generation formats are best suited for reliable business backup, such as medical and government imaging, photography, videography, as well as high definition video recording.

Ratul Puri, executive director, Moser Baer India, said “This is a major achievement and it gives us a significant advantage in the fast growing next generation optical format market. Moreover, it vindicates our strategy of acquiring OM&T and adding their capabilities to the strong in-house R&D team to lead the technology development curve in the optical and photovoltaic space. The pioneering work in the Blu-ray format will further enhance our global leadership position.”

The advance in the technology development of high speed Blu ray disc format was recently displayed at the 4th Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) meeting held in Fukuoka in Japan.

Giriraj Nyati, VP R&D and Engineering, of Moser Baer maintained, “This is a significant landmark for us. We are very proud that an Indian Company has once again set global benchmarks in the optical media market. Our intensive in-house R&D focus coupled with the capabilities of OM&T will ensure that we continue to set new global benchmarks for the industry. This is inline with our strategy of transforming Moser Baer from a technology recipient into a technology developer and innovator.”

The new Moser Baer 8X BDR discs are compatible with Version 1.2 book specifications and can also be recorded at low speed.