Sprint AIRAVE CDMA Femtocell Base Station launched by Samsung

Sprint AIRAVE Device

Samsung has gone ahead and launched the Sprint AIRAVE compact femtocell base station in the two US cities of Denver and Indianapolis. Sprint’s AIRAVE device provides enhanced in-home wireless coverage plus unlimited calling facilities.

The Sprint AIRAVE device can be used with any Sprint phone and a broadband Internet connection.

According to Ajit Bhatia, director of product management for Sprint, “With AIRAVE, Sprint is delivering enhanced in-home coverage that’s simple to access, low in cost and compatible with any Sprint phone. In addition, with unlimited in-home calling, the AIRAVE makes it even more convenient for customers to rely on their Sprint phones at home.”

Listed below are the facilities that Sprint customers can avail of using the Sprint AIRAVE signal boosting device:

  • Get enhanced coverage in their homes
  • Talk all they want while in their homes, without worrying about using their wireless minutes. Unlimited incoming and outgoing calls and nationwide long distance are included while using a Sprint phone at home
  • Take advantage of enhanced coverage and unlimited home calling without having to purchase a new phone. All Sprint phones are compatible with AIRAVE.
  • Users can reduce their monthly communication expenses as the AIRAVE service is priced at just $15 per month for individuals and $30 per month for families, in addition to the customer’s regular wireless voice plan.
  • Easy installation of the device using their existing broadband Internet service and a power outlet
  • Have their calls automatically transferred back to the Nationwide Sprint pCS Network when they leave home
  • Samsung has confirmed that Sprint customers in select areas of Denver and Indianapolis will be able to immediately purchase the AIRAVE device at Sprint stores for just $49.99. Launches in other US cities are expected to follow soon.