HP Pavilion a6000 and m8000 Series Desktop PCs unveiled with New and Improved Design

Hp Pavilion New Design

HP India has launched a new range of HP Pavilion desktops- HP Pavilion a6000 series and Pavilion m8000 series, that feature a totally new look, improved ergonomics and a sleek design. The new range also comes with a wireless multimedia keyboard, wireless mouse and the newly introduced HP Vista Remote.

The all new HP Pavilion desktops have a glossy black finish with parts lit up in a luminous azure blue. But looks aside, these desktops continue to deliver state-of-the art performance, innovation and functionality.

Besides, the new HP Pavilion design has been created to offer a unique ‘Keyboard Parking’ feature that nests below the monitor. This feature helps to save space on the user’s desk. Also, the new keyboards are slim, built with easy to use low profile keys, and side hot keys for instant access to the most commonly used functions.

The memory card reader and the power button are now placed on top of the all-new HP Pavilion PCs. Thus, users will not have to bend to switch on the CPU which is usually stacked under the table.

The LCD monitor of the newly designed HP Pavilion can also be swiveled 160-degrees horizontally or vertically, allowing one to share work when present in a group.

Additionally, the newly introduced HP Easy Clip feature in the LCD monitors allows consumers to personalize their HP Pavilion monitors, clip accessories such as a document holder, photos and ornamental items onto the edge of the monitor for easy access. What’s more, you can go further, by clipping your spectacles, headset or even a photograph on to the new monitors.

HP’s new range of desktop PCs come with an optional HP branded widescreen LCD monitor with BrightView, offering more viewable area, sharper display and enhanced productivity.

The new HP Pavilion a6000 and Pavilion m8000 range of desktop PCs come with a HP Pocket Media Drive Bay offering additional storage capacity. The Pocket Media Drives do not require additional power supply, as it is supported by its 2-feed-USB 2.0 power and data sharing cable. Besides, since the PMD has an aluminum construction, this helps to draw away heat effectively. And, the high-shock tolerance feature ensures that one can carry is safely anywhere, while the padded carry case is also included for safety.

The new HP Pavilion range comes with a wireless multimedia keyboard and wireless mouse, ensuring a clutter-free environment.

Besides, the new Pavilion range from HP comes with a newly introduced HP Vista Remote that offers the ultimate ‘Digital Entertainment’ experience to users. Besides, select models in the Pavilion a6000 and m8000 range are Bluetooth enabled.

The new HP Pavilion a6000 and m8000 range of desktop PCs are priced between Rs.30,990 and Rs.75,990. They will be available at all HP retail outlets on online via the HP E-Store.