PowerColor X1950 PRO the fastest Silent Graphic Card introduced by TUL Corp.

PowerColor X1950 PRO Silence Graphic Card TUL Corp., a provider of the PowerColor brand of graphics cards has just announced what it claims to be the best performing noiseless graphics cards in the world- the PowerColor X1950 PRO Silence Edition. This graphics card features the Silent Cooling System (SCS3).

The PowerColor X1950 PRO Silence graphic card has a core engine of 575 MHz core, 1380 MHz effective memory speed, 256 MBGDDR3 and 36 pixel processors. Besides, this graphics card also comes equipped with VIVO and HDCP. What is more, the PowerColor X1950 PRO Silence graphic card is also compatible with Microsoft’s newly launched Windows Vista operating system.

So how has this PowerColor graphics card managed to perform with no noise? Well, PowerColor has partnered with Arctic Cooling to provide the noiseless cooling solution. This specially designed silent cooler features four heat pipes, special vo9ltage regulator heat sink, memory cooling and much taller fins. Thus, the noise level (measured in loudness-sone) reaches zero sone. Besides, temperature level is also maintained at 63 degrees Celsius.

The PowerColor X1950 PRO graphic card also supports dual-link DVI with High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP). Basically, HDCP is a digital right content protection technology that is used for transmitting and receiving digital entertainment. This technology allows users to future-proof their hardware that provides compatibility with the likes of Blu-ray and HD-DVD applications at 1080p for HDTV resolution.

According to Ted Chen, CEO of TUL Corp., “Once again, we are looking for ways to meet the demands of the toughest critics. With the PowerColor X1950 PRO SCS3, we’re satisfying the needs of graphics card with excellent performance, great price and being silent. An excellent Quad-heatpipe passive cooling solution from a cooler expert on a high performance graphics card of PowerColor is the perfect bundle for every power user and silent enthusiast,” said VC Tran, GM of Arctic Cooling.”

The main features of the PowerColor X1950 PRO Silence Graphic Card are:

  • Fastest silent graphics card
  • Passive cooler designed by Arctic Cooling
  • Video-in/Video-out (VIVO)
  • Support for DirectX 9c, Open GL 2.0 and Shader Model 3.0
  • High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) ready
  • H.264 playback with ATI’s Avivo Video and Display Engine
  • Windows Vista ready