HD DVD Anti-Rip Encryption Probably Cracked

On a Doom9 forum, Muslix64 (not remotely related to Nintendo 64 for sure), a creative code restructurer put up a posting where he claims to have developed an application that strips encryption from HD DVD discs. This HD DVD Anti-Rip Encryption crack is Dubbed BackupHDDVD, Muslix64 claims that the program breaks the unbreakable AACS content protection system used by both next-generation DVD formats.

Basically the BackupHDDVD program evades the checking of the software code on the DVD disc. What’s awesome is that in order for it to bypass the software code, you have to first know the software code, making an extra step necessary. An extra step Muslix hasn’t been provided yet. He added that he’s also found the disc’s overarching volume key, and is preparing a BackupHDDVD update for 2 January that will allow users to extract other files from an HD DVD. Above is Muslix64 video brag.

So the war against the software pirates seems to be failing once again. Anyways we’ll keep an eye out for further developments once they take place.