Toshiba unveils World’s Smallest Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) Memory Card

IMs Are The Preferred Choice Toshiba has unveiled its latest microSD card family that can be used in mobile phones, with the initial capacities of 256 megabyte (MB) and 1-gigabyte (GB). The microSD card, with approximately one-fourth the cubic measure of a miniSD memory card, is at present the smallest memory card available worldwide. Its primary application is in cellular telephones equipped with music playback and camera functionality. The microSD card is intended for use in handsets equipped with microSD slots to allow transfer and storage of music and digital photos, although it can also be used with an adapter in standard SD memory card slots.

Brian Kumagai, business development manager, NAND Flash, for TAEC said, “Toshiba’s new 256MB, 512MB and 1GB microSD cards provide additional storage for music and photos, as well as a convenient way to transfer digital content in the growing percentage of cell phones equipped with a microSD card slot.”


  • Smallest micro-miniature memory card offered; external size 11mm x 15mm.
  • Weight Approximately 0.4g
  • Targeted applications are cellular telephones with music and camera functionality
  • Adopts CPRM(3) advanced copyright protection function
  • Interface Conforms to SD Memory card standard
  • Power Supply Voltage 2.7 to 3.6V
  • Toshiba’s first SDHC card will be available in September at a 4GB capacity. These higher capacity memory cards are intended for use in applications such as digital video cameras and digital cameras capable of recording video segments and high-resolution pictures, or to provide storage for a larger number of digital photos


  • The 4GB capacity enables video and high resolution digital pictures to be stored on memory cards
  • Supports SDHC Class 4, with a minimum write speed of 4MB/s
  • Adopts CPRM3 advanced copyright protection function
  • The new memory card conforms to the SD memory card ver.2.00 standard introduced by the SD Card Association (SDA) which enables capacities greater than 2-gigabytes to be achieved and features minimum SD Speed Class Ratings to achieve optimal performance for FAT32-enabled hosts. The SD Speed Class Ratings specify a minimum sustained write speed for SDHC cards (Class 2: 2 MB/s2; Class 4: 4 MB/s; Class 6: 6 MB/s).

    However these cards can be used only with devices that support the version 2 format so users should confirm the compatibility of their products before purchasing.

    Pricing for the new cards was not announced.