25.5-inch 2690WUXi MultiSync Professional LCD Panel shipped by NEC

NEC LCD 2690WUXi Panel NEC has started shipping its new professional LCD 2690WUXi display. The 25.5-inch panel is targeted only and only at professionals. Apart from professionals the other sector that NEC’s latest LCD display is most likely to cater to is the gamer community, thanks to its 7ms response time (that’s gray-to-gray, mind you, it’ll be 13ms with 7 white/black, 6 black/white).

However the area where the NEC LCD 2690WUXi display stands apart from the rest of the mainstream is its 12-bit gamma lookup table (LUT), through which the monitor can display 16.7 million colors out of a palette of 68.5 billion, giving it the ability to cover 92% of Adobe RGB space. This feature is very useful for professionals to use it in various color sensitive applications like photography, CAD, medicine and scientific research.

Rest the NEC panel features 1920×1200 (WUXGA) resolution, 800:1 contrast ratio, 400cd/m2 brightness, 178-dgree viewing angle, and 2x HDCP-capable DVIs plus one D-Sub15 input

The NEC 2690WUXi monitor is still slowly trickling into the U.S. market, however it seems that the LCD 2690WUXi display is selling for over $2,000 in the Japanese and European channels.