US Movie Studios Sue Samsung for having Glitches on DVD Players

Samsung Electronics logo Samsung Electronics, one of the largest electronics companies in the world is in a mess after multiple U.S. movie studios reportedly took the Seoul-based firm to court, alleging defects in its DVD players.

Over the weekend, Bloomberg news reported Walt Disney, Time Warner and three other major film makers filed the lawsuit against Samsung in U.S. court.

They claimed that Samsung’s DVD players allowed consumers to avoid encryption features that prevent unauthorised duplication and demanded a recall of all the problematic products, Bloomberg said.

Samsung countered back by declining to confirm the high-profile suit that involves Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox and Universal Studios on top of Disney and Time Warner.

A Samsung spokesman said, “In fact, we do not exactly know the contents of the lawsuit and the intention of the plaintiffs. We have yet to receive the complaint.”

He guessed that the film makers take issue with DVD-HD841, which Samsung had sold in the United States between June and October 2004.

“If so, I do not know why the movie studios are complaining about the products, of which production was brought to an end more than 15 months ago,” the spokesman said.

“We stopped manufacturing the model after concerns erupted that its copy-protection features can be circumvented by sophisticated users,” he added.

He said that Samsung would retort to the lawsuit after the outfit recognises its real intention.

The Motion Picture Association of America estimates that the movie industry lost $5.4 billion last year due to piracy.