Plustek PL1200 & PL3000 ADF Scanners Launched in India

Plustek PL1200 Plustek Inc. announced the launch of its PL1200 and PL3000 ADF (auto document feeder) scanners in India. Plustek PL1200 and PL3000 ADF scanners are targeted at offices that are aiming to boost their productivity.

Plustek PL1200 and PL3000 ADF scanners can also be used as regular flatbed scanners, have a mechanical design that allows improved image focus and minimizes paper jams.

The Plustek PL3000 and PL1200 have a scanning speed of 30 ppm (pages per minute) and 12 ppm, respectively. Due to the built-in auto document feeder can take large amounts of documents, up to 80 pages at a time. The paper tray can fit various sizes of paper ranging from 9 x 11.5 cm (3.55″ x 4.5″) to 24.5 x 35.5 cm (9.65″ x 14″). This is important in scanning continuous computer paper. The scanners present a maximum hardware resolution of 1200 dpi.

“Plustek ADF scanners are ideal for busy office environments for they improve document management efficiency, save valuable time and take productivity to a new high. The scan to PDF function not just meets but exceeds customer expectations when it comes to digital archiving requirements. We have been leader in the domain for 20 years now and pack every scanner product with high innovation, quality, reliability and intelligent yet graceful design,” said Karen Ku, Vice President, Plustek Inc.

Plustek PL3000 Plustek PL1200 and PL3000 come packed with a host of utility software that makes it more versatile. DI Capture document image capture software assist users scan, import and organize document images in an efficiently. The Readiris Pro 10 OCR (optical character recognition) software supports recognition up to 116 languages Readiris Pro 10 OCR on scanned paper documents, PDF files and all popular image file formats and turns them into MS Word files, MS Excel spreadsheets, PDF files, Web pages, XML files etc. The scanned information can be shared in appropriate digital format. The OCR results can be batch handled, saved individually or in one single file.

The NewSoft Presto! PageManager photo/image management software supports over 100 popular programs, including color OCR and full-text indexing functions. The NewSoft Presto! Image Folio document management software is for OCR, instant PDF creation, or format conversion to MS Word or MS Excel maintaining color and images. The files can be shared over the network. It also stacks associated files together such that they can be opened together. The images can be browsed at ease through the SlideShow applet.

The Plustek PL1200 and PL3000 ADF scanners in India come in price range of Rs. 22,000 and Rs. 34,000 plus taxes, respectively. Plustek scanners are sold by through Plustek’s exclusive national distributor TelExcell Information Systems Private Limited.