Agilent Guarantees to Replace Instruments that Cannot be Repaired

agilent technologies Agilent Technologies Inc. has deployed the Agilent Services Guarantee program, through which any Agilent analytical lab instrument that is beyond repaire will be replaced by Agilent if it is covered by any Agilent service agreement.

May Van, vice president and general manager of Laboratory Services Solutions, Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis said, “We want to demonstrate how serious we are about keeping customers’ labs running.”

“Agilent instrumentation is built with high performance and reliability standards, and our world-class support engineering team is dedicated to further protecting our customers’ investments. Agilent Services Guarantee program shows how confident we are in the quality of our products and services, and how important customer satisfaction is to us,” said Van.

Agilent goes through a formal escalation process to resolve any analytical-hardware issue that cannot be resolved with the first repair attempt. The Agilent Services Guarantee program fortifies the process and the resolution. Key managers and technical experts are the first to address the issue, if the issue still isn’t resolved to the customer’s satisfaction, the instrument is replaced at no charge.