IBM Invests $1 Billion in Information Management Software Development

Computer giant IBM on Thursday announced its plans of investing $1 billion in information management software development over the next three years. The step has been taken in order to facilitate IBM’s clients make information more accessible to office workers, often referred to as “information-on-demand.”

IBM logo Over 15,000 consultants would be committed to the projects, with plans to raise that number by about 10,000 more over three years. The company would bring together its software and consulting departments in order to address “an emerging business opportunity,” IBM said in a statement.

Bringing together the two aspects of IBM’s business was a huge challenge, and has been ongoing for the past year. The company has spent this time refocusing its worldwide branches that had previously worked separately, including researchers, programmers and sales.

“By combining our software and consulting expertise, IBM is helping clients unlock the real value of their business information,” said software senior vice president Steve Mills in a statement.

Mills added,”Next to people, information is a company’s greatest asset, but its value can’t be realized if it’s not effectively managed and delivered to the right people, business applications and processes.”

Analysts predict that the collective force could seriously impact IBM’s competitors, including Accenture and EDS, and make it the numero uno information management solution provider.