NEC 21.3-Inch Monochrome QXGA, Color UXGA LCD Modules Unviled

nec lcd NEC LCD Technologies Ltd. said it would start shipping samples of its new 21.3-inch monochrome quad extended graphics array (QXGA), amorphous silicon, TFT LCD module, part number NL204153AM21-07A, in mid-June. The LCD module is best suited for medical use, in addition to the display of radiograms using X-ray images for the interpretation and diagnosis of illness.

NEC will also start selling its new 21.3-inch color UXGA amorphous silicon TFT LCD module, part number NL160120BC27-14, which is suitable for CAD/CAM, CG design and DTP use, in mid-June, 2006.

The new NEC QXGA LCD module is an upgraded model of a combination of two 21.3-inch TFT LCD modules; NL160120AM27-06A, a high luminance monochrome model that was unveiled in April 2005, and NL204153BM21-01A, a NEC QXGA monochrome model that was launched in October 2003.

The main characteristics of the new QXGA LCD module are:

– High Luminance

The combination of NEC LCD Technologies’ super-advanced, super-fine TFT (SA-SFT) technology, and a high-intensity, direct, backlight system achieve a luminance of 1500cd/m². Also, if the level of luminance is suppressed, stable luminance levels can be preserved over long periods of time.

– High Contrast Performance

NEC said that with the new modification of the panel design, the level of black brightness was reduced by 30% or more as compared with the conventional model, NL160120AM27-06, which is also outfitted with a high-intensity, direct, back-light system. Accordingly, the new product achieves a high contrast ratio of 850:1. In addition, the optimisation of the optical design inhibits the “washed-out-black” phenomenon, which occurs when the viewing angle performance of the contrast ratio is enhanced and the viewing angle is enlarged, a common issue of In Plane Switching type LCD modules.

– Reduction in weight by high integration of peripheral circuitry

Modifying the panel design and optical design has also led reduced the brightness difference of the screen. Therefore, the new product achieves high-grade brightness uniformity of the entire screen, which is essential in the medical field.

The 21.3-inch monochrome UXGA TFT LCD module NL160120AM27-06A, which was launched last April, achieved a brightness of 1800cd/m², the highest brightness level in the UXGA and above color class. This was made possible by a high-intensity, direct, backlight system, which was installed for the first time in the module lineup of NEC LCD Technologies.

Hidetoshi Usui, department manager in charge of product planning and marketing, NEC LCD Technologies Ltd. said, “Since the launch of our highly successful 21.3 inch monochrome UXGA LCD in April last year, we have been inundated with requests for a higher resolution LCD module with a same level of performance from the medical field,” said Hidetoshi Usui, department manager in charge of product planning and marketing, NEC LCD Technologies Ltd.

“This new and advanced model meets this demand by increasing the improved display quality through NEC LCD Technologies’ own innovative technologies that realise ultra high luminance color of an unrivalled level.”