ASUS Chooses ATEN’s IPMI Firmware Solution for its Servers

asus logo Connectivity solutions provider ATEN International Co. Ltd, announced that its new IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) Firmware Solution has been chosen by ASUSTeK Computer Inc. for its server product line.

ASUS will implant ATEN’s firmware solution in its full-line of servers to give its customers with complete and advanced server management functions.

aten logo ATEN said its IPMI 2.0 technology not only offers a standard cross-platform interface, but also provides server remote management and automatic recovery functions that enable administrator to control servers at all times, as a result effectively increasing the benefits of management.

ATEN’s IPMI Firmware Solution also makes use of a modulated design that enables control and management by using the Internet or in series data processor, as a result lowering costs.

Allen Wang, Senior Director, Server Centric, R&D Department of ASUS said, “We are always committed in providing the most competitive products for our customers.”

“In integrating ATEN’s IPMI technology, we can help our customers in increasing the efficiency of server management. After careful consideration, we have chosen ATEN’s Firmware Solutions not only because of its superior IPMI 2.0 technology, but because, ATEN is able to give a complete back-end services, including customization, flexibility, R&D capabilities in order to satisfy our specific product needs.”

Jack Lee, Director of the President’s Office, ATEN said, “We are very honored that ASUS has selected ATEN’s IPMI solutions for its server product line.”

“With the arrival of sophisticated information equipment, the capability of having cross-platform management has become the main trend of server product development. The cooperation between ATEN and ASUS not only signifies a milestone in the industry, but also once again demonstrates the technology leadership of both parties.”

ATEN said that through the use of its IPMI 2.0 technology and using Internet, LAN or network, the administrator is able to remotely control various server components such as CPU, fan speed, system temperature, voltage and other operations and execute power management, such as power on/off, rebooting, etc. IPMI firmware can also send alert message to the administrator through email or SMS if it detects an abnormal situation, thus effectively promoting the convenience and timeliness of server management.

With the intention of strengthening the safety of remote server management, ATEN’s IPMI Firmware Solution provides secured encryption options, including MD2, MD5, RAKP-HMAC-SHA1, HMAC-SHA1-96, RAKP-HAMC-MD5, HMAC-MD5-12 and AES-CBC-128.

ATEN is actively developing Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (Advanced TCA) specifications to help enterprise users in enhancing the efficiency of multiple server management.