Kingmax SuperRAM DDR400 with High-Tech Anti-Counterfeiting Technology launched

Kingmax SuperRAM DDR400

Kingmax Semiconductor Inc., global leaders in memory technology has just launched the latest version of its SuperRAM DDR400, in an effort to protect consumer rights by combating counterfeit goods that are so rampantly present in the market today.

Kingmax’s new SuperRAM series manages to stress on standards by using TSOP packaging technology and extremely high-quality IC chips. Theeir aim is of course to achieve high-quality performance that is seen in majority of Kingmax’s products. And by doing so, consumers of Kingmax are provided with several advantages when it comes to factors such as functionality and pricing.

It has come to the notice of Kingmax, that a number of illegal manufacturers have been producing counterfeit products, and this has severely damaged the lawful rights of its consumers.

Thus in order to safeguard the consumer’s rights to buy only genuine and not counterfeit products, Kingmax has spared no effort in guarding them against counterfeit products. Hence it can be summed up that Kingmax’s latest release of the SuperRAM DDR400 has been to repackage the entire product, so as to avoid counterfeits of the same.

The newly released Kingmax SuperRAM DDR400 has completely been repackaged. It now has a clear distinguishing mark, i.e. the color of the PCB board has been changed to blue. Previously, the Kingmax SuperRAM DDR400 has a wine-red colored PCB board.

Besides, another change has been brought about in Kingmax’s SuperRAM DDR400. Kingmax has now built in a decoder ASIC IC chip into the SuperRAM DDR400. This move undertaken by Kingston can be termed as high-tech anti-counterfeting. The decoder ASIC IC chip that is now found in Kingmax’s SuperRAM DDR400 uses Kingmax’s proprietary TinyBGA packaging technology. The ASIC IC chip is located on the front side of the PCB board, changing the conditions for IC emissions.

By undertaking these measures, Kingmax hopes that consumers will now feel more at ease when purchasing one of its memory products.