ViewSonic India Launches “Buy 17-inch VA712 LCD, Win 32-inch LCD TV” Scheme

viewsonic va712 ViewSonic launched its month-long promotional scheme in India called Buy 17-inch VA712 LCD and Win 32-inch LCD TV. The promotion offer begins from April 11 and ends on May 11 2006.

ViewSonic will also offer customers a mouse free on the purchase of every ViewSonic LCD.

William Chen, Marketing Division, ViewSonic, said that the company is looking to offer a lineup of products this year. ViewSonic will be really aggressive with its Media Plan and creating brand awareness. Chen said that ViewSonic, as an American brand in the global market, has won majority share in the CRT and LCD monitor business.

ViewSonic has decided to launch exciting schemes to achieve this goal and will support its partners in selling ViewSonic Products.

More detailed information about ViewSonic computer products can be obtained through Priya Ltd. and Roop Technology, ViewSonic’s distributors in India.