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Handlink Coin Operated Wi-Fi Kiosk: Stay Connected

Handlink Coin Operated Wi-Fi Kiosk If you own a coffee shop or restaurant, the customers expect the place to be under the roof of Wi-Fi to stay connected to the internet at all times. In this age of internet, not every coffee shop owner or hotelier can offer free Wi-Fi at all times, so to resolve that issue Handlink introduces its Coin Operated Wi-Fi Kiosk that provides internet connection at a price of a coin.

The device will need an internet connection through a local ISP and the user will get to connect to the internet wire-free by merely using a coin. The user will just have to insert the coin, the Wi-Fi Kiosk will then provide the user a ticket which is printed providing details of the Internet access account which includes Account username and password, Account purchase date and time, Account expiry date and time, Access duration and Wi-Fi ESSID.

After the usage period has elapsed, the internet user will be disconnected from Wi-Fi automatically by the Wi-Fi Kiosk, so one has to drop in one more coin to extend the time period.

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The device provides wireless internet access to devices such as laptops, PDAs, Wi-Fi enabled devices and phones. The Wi-Fi Kiosk will come handy for hoteliers and coffee shop owners who can entertain their customers with Wi-Fi connectivity and also make good money out of it without having to shell out money on free Wi-Fi.

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