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Halo: Recut Machinima Contest announced in Europe

Halo: Recut Contest in Europe

It seemed that only North America was getting all the Halo action, while the rest of the world had to enviously stand back and watch. Now, Microsoft and Bungie have announced the Halo: Recut Machinima contest in Europe. It’s a good chance for all you media-loving Spartans to showcase your talents.

Interested participants will be required to produce an original video featuring Master Chief himself outside the Halo universe. This film can be made using a video camera, in-game clips, animation, or even high-end video editing software. It definitely isn’t the tool that matters; rather it’s the mind that’s really important here!

Those interested in participating will have to visit the official site and post their video between January 31 and March 2, 2008.

The uploaded videos will be judged by a panel composed of experts from the video game industry. As for the grand prize, well the most creative person will be dubbed the winner and he/she will receive an all-expense trip to Los Angeles.

If the grand prize doesn’t appeal to you, maybe this will! One winner from each country will receive an Xbox 360 console bundled with a copy of Halo 3. The winning video from each country will compete in the European Final that will be judged by members of the Bungie Studios themselves. The final winner of this European contest will get a chance to attend the New York Film Academy for one month, where he/she will be taught the nuances of making movies. Plus, he/she will receive a round trip transatlantic flight, accommodation, car rental and cash in $2000.

Brian Jarrad of Bungie Studios stated that “this competition is a great way to showcase the creativity and passion that drives the Halo fan community. We can’t wait to see how people infuse their own style and personality into Master Chief and deliver a whole new take on the Halo phenomenon. May the best Spartan win!”.