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Halo: Reach MCC Ranking System Guide [Quick Way To Move Up]

Halo: Reach MCC Ranking System If you are confused about the new Halo: Reach MMC ranks system, here’s a short guide on everything you need to know about it. Halo: Reach was added as DLC to the Master Chief Collection in 2019, and along with Season 1: Noble, it ushered in the new way to rank up.

Halo: Reach MCC – What Is It?

Halo: The Master Chief Collection (or MCC) is a pack of several games in the Halo franchise released for the Xbox One in 2014.

MCC bundles Halo 1: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 4 together, while the Halo ODST campaign was added to the collection later in 2015.

In 2019, a remastered version of Halo: Reach was released for Halo MMC as DLC. At the same time, the game was ported to PC platforms. You can now play Halo Reach MCC on both your computer and Xbox One.

For those new to Halo, it is a media franchise based on an intergalactic war between humans and a group of aliens called the Covenant. The franchise has released several critically acclaimed games, with the original Halo 1 celebrated as “the killer app for the Xbox” that launched the console on its path to success.

Halo: Reach is a prequel to Halo 1, in which a group of elite human soldiers, the Noble Team, fight the Covenant to save a galactic world called Reach, the last human stronghold that stands between the aliens and the Earth.

Halo Reach MMC Ranking System – The Deep Dive

The Old Ranking System Arrived When the Master Chief Collection Was Launched in 2014.

The original release of the Master Chief Collection featured a multiplayer rank structure similar to that of Halo 2. It was based on simple skill-based mechanics with XPs, wins, and losses determining a player’s competitive ranks. This system had a total of 50 ranks, with the top 7 having unique icons as a mark of respect for those who reached these stages. Halo However, with the release of Halo: Reach MCC and its Season 1: Noble, the old system was overhauled and is now only used in competitive playlists. So the Master Chief Collection now has two different ranking systems.

The New Rank System

The new multiplayer rank structure is similar to that of the original Halo: Reach game. In this ranking system, players still earn XP depending on which multiplayer matches they win or lose.

However, they also earn XP for gaining medals (Halo: Reach currently rewards you with 112 different kinds of medals for special achievements such as Killing Sprees, Double Kills, etc.) and also for completing Challenges (added in Season 2: Spark).

The player makes his rank progress depending on the XP he collects. When you have enough XP to unlock a new rank, you gain a new Season Point. You can then use this point to purchase various cosmetic items like armor permutations for Halo: Reach and skins for Halo: Combat Evolved.

Please note that you unlock a new Season Point only for the first 100 ranks. Once you reach rank 100, completing challenges remains the only way to get Season Points thereon.

The New Multiplayer Rank Structure and the Tour-Based Prestige System:

  • There are 30 ranks from Rookie to General.
  • There are 11 Tours, with each having all the 30 ranks.
  • In total, there are 330 levels for you to make your rank progress.
  • You get a new Season Point for reaching the first 100 ranks – You can purchase cosmetic items like armor permutations and skins with these.
  • You need 10,669,000 XP to reach rank 100.
  • After rank 100, challenges are the only way for you to get more Season Points.

Halo Reach MCC has added a couple of new ranks while also removing a few old ones featured in the original Halo: Reach game. There are now a total of 30 ranks, starting from Rookie, going all the way up to General.

In addition, there is also a prestige system with 11 “Tours,” with each Tour letting your rank progress from Rookie at number 1 to General at 30. Once you reach the max rank in a Tour, you reset from the first rank in the next Tour. Halo Game So in total, you make your rank progress through 330 (30 ranks in 11 Tours = 30 x11) levels before you complete the gauntlet.

When you progress, you get a rank icon for each new level-up. Each Tour has a different shield, and you are rewarded with the new shield adorning your rank icon in the background when you complete a Tour.

List Of Ranks

The 30 ranks in the new ranking system for Halo: Reach in the Master Chief Collection are (from lowest to highest, all stats are for Tour 1, and they increase for subsequent tours):

1. Rookie:

  • Rookie has an XP of 0-2999
  • Rookie needs 3000 XP to reach Recruit

2. Recruit:

  • Recruit has an XP of 3,000 – 9,999
  • Recruit needs 7,000 XP for next rank

3. Private:

  • Private has an XP of 10,000 – 19,999
  • Private needs 10,000 XP to progress

4. Private, Second Class:

  • Private Second Class has an XP of 20,000 – 32,999
  • Private Second Class requires 13,000 XP to progress rank

5. Private, First Class:

  • Private First Class has an XP of 33,000 – 48,999
  • Private First Class needs 16,000 XP to move to the next level

6. Lance Corporal:

  • Lance Corporal has an XP of 49,000 – 67,999
  • Lance Corporal needs 19,000 XP to move further on the rank structure

7. Corporal:

  • Corporal has an XP of 68,000 – 89,000
  • Corporal needs 22,000 XP to move up the rankings

8. Sergeant:

  • Sergeant has an XP of 90,000 – 114,999
  • Sergeant needs 25,000 XP to reach the next rank

9. Sergeant, Second Class:

  • Sergeant Second Class has an XP of 115,000 – 143,999
  • Sergeant Second Class needs 29,000 XP to progress in the new multiplayer rank structure

10. Sergeant, First Class:

  • Sergeant First Class has an XP of 144,000 – 176,999
  • Sergeant First Class needs 33,000 XP for leveling-up

11. Staff Sergeant:

  • Staff Sergeant has an XP of 177,000 – 213,999
  • Staff Sergeant needs 37,000 XP to progress

12. Gunnery Sergeant:

  • Gunnery Sergeant has an XP of 214,000 – 254,999
  • Gunnery Sergeant needs 41,000 XP to move to the next rank

13. First Sergeant:

  • First Sergeant has an XP of 255,000 – 299,999
  • First Sergeant needs 45,000 to progress

14. Sergeant Major:

  • Sergeant Major has an XP of 300,000 – 348,999
  • Sergeant Major can move to the next level with 49,000 XP

15. Command Sergeant Major:

  • Command Sergeant Major has an XP of 349,000 – 403,999
  • Command Sergeant Major needs 55,000 XP to progress

16. Warrant Officer:

  • Warrant Officer has an XP of 404,000 – 463,999
  • Warrant Officer needs 60,000 XP to rank-up

17. Warrant Officer, Third Class:

  • Warrant Officer Third Class has an XP of 464,000 – 528,999
  • The Third Class Warrant Officer needs 65,000 XP to move up the ranking ladder

18. Warrant Officer, Second Class:

  • Warrant Officer Second Class has an XP of 529,000 – 598,999
  • The Second Class Warrant Officer needs 70,000 XP to reach the next higher position on the ranking structure

19. Warrant Officer, First Class:

  • Warrant Officer First Class has an XP of 599,000 – 674,999
  • The First Class Warrant Officer needs 76,000 XP to reach the next higher position on the ranking structure

20. Chief Warrant Officer:

  • Chief Warrant Officer has an XP of 675,000 – 758,999
  • Chief Warrant Officer needs 84,000 XP to progress up

21. Second Lieutenant:

  • Second Lieutenant has an XP of 759,000 – 851,999
  • Second Lieutenant needs 93,000 XP for moving to the next rank

22. First Lieutenant:

  • First Lieutenant has an XP of 852,000 – 953,999
  • First Lieutenant needs 102,000 XP to move up the ranking hierarchy

23. Captain:

  • Captain has an XP of 954,000 – 1,065,999
  • Captain needs 112,000 XP for ranking up

24. Major:

  • Major has an XP of 1,066,000 – 1,187,999
  • Major needs 122,000 for getting to the next rank

25. Lieutenant Colonel:

  • Lieutenant Colonel has an XP of 1,188,000 – 1,320,999
  • Lieutenant Colonel needs 133,000 XP to get to the next level

26. Colonel:

  • Colonel has an XP of 1,321,000 – 1,462,999
  • Colonel needs 142,000 XP to move to stage 27

27. Brigadier General:

  • Brigadier General has an XP of 1,463,000 – 1,612,999
  • Brigadier General needs 150,000 XP to move to the next rank

28. Major General:

  • Major General has an XP of 1,613,000 – 1,768,999
  • Major General needs 156,000 to move up the command ladder

29. Lieutenant General:

  • Lieutenant General has an XP of 1,769,000 – 1,928,999
  • Lieutenant General needs 160,000 XP to move to the max rank

30. General:

  • General has an XP of 1,929,000 – 1,944,999
  • General needs 16,000 XP to reset and move to rank 1 in Tour 2

As you move further into the higher Tours, these XP values also increase.

The Quickest Way To Move Up The Ranks

Master Chief Collection As wins, losses, matches completed, medals, and challenges all contribute to the amount of XP, you move up the ranks in three ways in Halo MMC multiplayer.

  • Complete Matches
  • Performance
  • Team Work

Among these, the best strategy is to focus on Performance as it is easiest to win medals for playing well, and they also carry excellent pay-off in terms of XP. A decent game can bring you almost 8,000 XP due to Performance (contrast this with a meager 1,000 – 2,000 XP you gain for completing a match). Team Work medals are tougher to win as they need you to earn assists and supports, which depend on others. This also requires a high degree of coordination.

Which Multiplayer Game-Types Will Help Me Rank Up Fast in Halo Master Chief Collection?

As we stated above, individual performance is your best option to earn XP the quickest way in multiplayer Halo MMC.

You should dabble in the following multiplayer modes to achieve this:

  • SWAT – The SWAT game-type has a short average time span of around 12 minutes. In addition, you can easily earn around 10,000 XP on playing a decent match in this multiplayer mode.
  • Big Team Battle – If you have a seasoned team of long-term gamers or a CLAN, you should play the Big Team Battle multiplayer mode. You can win many team-work based medals in this mode. This will level up your rank fast.

The two different ranking systems in Halo Reach MCC can confuse many players. However, you can take help from our detailed post to progress fast in the new rank structure. We wish you many happy hours of playing Halo.


Q. How Do You Rank Up In MCC?

You need to earn XP by completing multiplayer matches and winning medals with superior performance and teamwork to rank up in Halo Reach MCC. Starting from Season 2: Spark, you can also complete challenges to move up the ranks.

Q. Is Halo Reach MCC Dead?

No, gamers love playing Halo Reach MCC. With more exciting Seasons and other in-game item roll-outs on the cards, the player base for this game will only grow in the future.

Q. What Is The Max Rank In Halo Reach?

With its Tour-based prestige system, the max rank in Halo Reach MCC is Rank 30 – General in Tour 11. Taken together, you will reach here after ranking up 330 times.

Q. How Does The Ranking System Work In MCC?

MCC has 11 Tours with 30 ranks in each of them. You rank up by gaining XP by playing multiplayer matches, earning medals, and completing challenges. Once you reach rank 30 in a Tour, you reset starting from rank 1 in the next Tour.