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Halo 3 ‘X’ Button Functionality revealed as “Equipment’ Button to pick up Rare Weapons

Halo 3 Bubble Shield

Halo fans just have a month to go before they can get a hands on feel of Halo 3 in the beta version. Bungie, the makers of the game have let out yet another interesting bit of information regarding the third installation of the hugely successful game. In fact, that’s what the Bungie weekly update is for- to announce interesting things every week, to allow gamers to recover from what they heard the previous week!

Well, enough of that, let’s get down to the bigger picture. This week, Bungie confirmed that the X button, which has been shrouded in mystery with no explanation for weeks now, does indeed have a function.

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The X button in Halo 3 is presently known as ‘Equipment’ button, and will let gamers pick up amazing weapons such as Bubble Shields and Tripmines. Bungie has stated however, that weapons such as the Bubble Shield will be a rare find, and gamers will have to strategically decide when to use them.

Sound interesting to us! Well, if you want to get this week’s full detailed Bungie Update, then click here.

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