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Gyrostarr released on WiiWare

WiiWare Gyrostarr Nintendo has updated North American WiiWare shop with new game named Gyrostarr. Up to four players can enjoy the game simultaneously.

All players have to do is to control their spaceships while traveling from space. In multi-player mode players will have to co-ordinate with each other and destroy enemies. They will also be rewarded with weapon power-ups depending on their performance.

If the player fails to collect enough energy that fills a meter at the top of the screen, it results in destruction of the player’s spaceship at the end of the level.

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Players can enjoy the game with Wii Remote, Nunchuk or Classic controllers.

The Gyrostarr game is developed and published by High Voltage Software. ESRB has rated it as E for everyone.

Wii gamers can avail the Gyrostarr for 700 Wii Points.

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