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Gyration M2000 Compact Travel Air Mouse unveiled

Gyration M2000 Travel Air Mouse

Gyration, a manufacturer of motion-sensing devices for home and office use has unveiled the M2000 Travel Air-Mouse that features the new UltraSense technology. This compact, mobile wireless mouse is perfect for those who are always on-the-move.

The amazing thing about the M2000 Travel Air Mouse is that it works on a flat surface or even in the air with a 100 feet range of wireless freedom. Plus, the new UltraSense motion-sensing technology allows user to experience enhanced freedom and flexibility when performing mouse actions mid-air.

Yet another amazing piece of technology that has been used in the Gyration M2000 Travel Air Mouse is the company’s exclusive Swipes technology that allows the user to initiate any command with a flock of the wrist. Basically, a quick hand motion can control the volume, skip a song or even launch a presentation.

Adding to the portability factor of the M2000 Travel Air Mouse is the fact that it weighs less than four ounces and can easily fit into a bag, briefcase of purse. Moreover, this mouse has a sleek, ergonomic design, and works equally well with both left- and right-handed users.

The M2000 Travel Air mouse from Gyration can be integrated with a PC or a laptop.

According to Greg Smith, vice president for marketing and OEM sales at Gyration, “People are increasingly mobile these days, as evidence by the dominance of notebook computer sales, and aren’t always tied to the desk. The Travel Air Mouse was designed with this in mind, providing the business traveler or ‘digital couch potato’ with the freedom to control their PC and entertainment without the need for a desktop surface.”

The Gyration M2000 Travel Air Mouse is slated to hit stores in Q1 2008. You can purchase this mouse as a standalone product for $69.95 or even as a combo pack with a compact, wireless keyboard for a price of $99.95.