Offers Music Search for Indian Music Lovers

Guruji Music Screenshot

Whether it is Bollywood musicals or classical songs, Indians are very fond of music. Considering this love for music, has expanded its services with new music search capabilities. was released in October 2006 to cater pages from India as search results. With the new music search feature, Indians can search for any kind of music ranging from various types and languages. claims that the music search is not restricted to latest or popular music. Instead users can find any song old or new and any Indian language.

May it be Kishore Kumar or oldest Bengali song or even a folk Bhojpuri song users are assured to find the track with the help of the Guruji Music Search. Users can search by song’s lyrics, singers, movie/album, actors and music directors or even a combination of them.

“India has a rich and varied cultural heritage and the influence of music on Indians is tremendous. We believe this service will appeal to all Indians, in India and outside, who are avid lovers of music – be it Bollywood songs or Bhajans. The Guruji Music search can conjure up a tune to satiate every music lover’s palate, said Anurag Dod, CEO and Co-Founder of

Not only songs but the result also offers trivia on the song, singer and the movie. You can now search for Indian songs via